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Break a Leg
Scarlett's eyes lit up immediately as she glanced around the empty stage. Oh, it was perfect.
There had just been a performance of the classic Wizard of Oz and it had been absolutely magnificent. Of course, watching shows from the rafters could only do so much for a tiny human, but the stage itself was beautiful.
As she stepped onto the beige, smooth wooden surface, she could still feel the heat of the lights from the night show and it gave her shivers. The theatre was gigantic to the girl, but that didn't stop her from dreaming that one day she could be standing there on the stage, ignoring her size and acting to her heart's content.
A skip in her step and a smile on her face. Scarlett would bound onto stage, the silence from the crowd would alert her that it would be time to speak. Her lines would flow right off her tongue and into the headset she would wear to be heard.
The gorgeous costume, a burgundy crop-top bedazzled with tiny gems, with a burgundy, light skirt to match f
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 22 17
Mature content
Warmth :icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 11 12
Accidents and Second Chances
It had been a very slow progress. Something that had taken countless weeks of relentless effort to finally gain.
Anna was comfortable for once.
Nick had gotten the girl about four months ago, the poor thing was suffering back in that shelter and her last owner had been an abusive jerk. Someone that he would've loved to show a piece of his mind to. Of course, he knew he'd never meet the man that had hurt the poor girl so badly.
Scarred completely. Physically, metaphorically. Anything that a human shouldn't have to suffer through at all.
As it had been for the past couple days, Anna had been coming out slowly to ask for things quietly. Whether it was for food, or an extra blanket or pillow. Nick was more than happy to accommodate her. He wanted her to know that he was safe. That he wasn't like her previous owner. He didn't want to hurt her, or use her the same way the other giant had. He wasn't exactly interested in all that shit.
And when she did come out, it was briefly, but she was ge
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 25 20
A Hug a Day
The smirk crept across her face as she stayed in her spot.
Music from the kitchen could be heard from where she was and she knew that Kyle was making something to eat. It was about that time anyways. Not to mention that she had nudged him to make something, more to give herself some time to prepare.
Corinne knew that they were getting pretty serious and that was exciting! She had never really had a serious relationship, and she couldn't be happier that it had been with Kyle.
"Corrie?" His voice called for her, he moved to the kitchen door and he peered out to see if he could spot the tiny woman. Huh. "Supper's ready if you are. I can meet you in the living room if you want."
Now it wasn't strange to the young man when she didn't show instantly, and he had learned to be able to cope with that. He needed to understand that being around someone fifteen times your size had to be pretty nerve wracking. He could still recall the first time he'd met Corrine. She had been absolutely terrified
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 17 10
Crossing Back | One
"Oh God, this better work."
Cara had her phone in her hands, digging into her palms as she adjusted the bag around her shoulder. She was going to need it. If the trip were to work, of course.
She peered down into the darkness waiting for her way below. It felt like it was almost trying to taunt her. The shattered shards of glass still remained from when she had destroyed the spirit. Ever since she had finished the hunt, she constantly wondered if there was even a way to get back there. She paused. She actually had no idea if this was going to work.
She was well aware that anything could go wrong here, and knowing Cara's luck, something probably would/I>. She sucked in a steady breath, trying to steady herself. This was crazy. Clenching her fists, she turned on her heel, looking away from the shattered window.
Who was she even kidding here? If this didn't work, she'd end up on the ground looking like a successful suicide. That wasn't the outcome she desired.
She groaned, turning back
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 8 8
My Prince Charming
It had been a couple months since the incident and he was feeling a lot better. Well, he had felt fine before! It was just... different now. And he didn't understand why. The young man fixed his blonde hair, staring himself down in the mirror that was much too large for him.
He looked damn good too.
Pursing his lips, he turned to the right, looking himself up and down. He narrowed his eyes before turning to the left instead, trying to see if he had a good side. Why did that matter? He felt his cheeks warm slightly.
Ugh. Take it easy. Take this slow.
Leaning down, he pulled at his white button up shirt. Crisp black pants and shiny black shoes. There seemed to be nothing wrong. He looked flawless. Scott felt like he was missing something. Something important.
Nothing important was missing.
Scott shook himself, turning to look himself face on again. Just staring at himself. Crisp blue eyes staring back at him. He needed to figure himself out. But what was there to figure out
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 21 11
Teeny Tiny Saviour
The room was dark. Well, the entire mansion was.
Mark stood in the very centre of it, a flashlight in hand as he blinked around, trying to decipher where he was. Hiding from things was bad enough, but make those things mannequins and you had yourself a problem.
He'd hardly explored the whole place yet and all he wanted to do right now was find a safe place where he could read all the notes he was gathering. It was harder when it seemed when there was almost always a jumpscare waiting somewhere in the area for him. He just wanted to explore the mansion, get some good places down and hide until he could figure out how to win. Or at least finish the game.
It was difficult as it was.
All he had to do was take this easy. Don't think about it too much and he'd be fine. Using his flashlight, the male shone it around. There was a dusty chandelier hanging way high above him and dust particles flew as he waved his hand around.
Taking a step onto the matted and filthy rug - which smelt of
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 15 17
Time to Think
He had pushed his limits today, Scott knew that. He ran a hand through his short hair, standing on the papers he'd finally managed to organize into alphabetical order. With no help from Aaron. Ugh, the guy was probably still out doing his own thing. They were supposed to be in this together, but apparently it wasn't worth Aaron's special level of commitment.
He groaned, finally dropping to sit down on the desk, resting his head in his hands as he let the stress of the day finally roll off his shoulders. He knew he had planned a get-together with his sister Sloane, but so far, that looked like he might have to cancel it. Unless Aaron could pick up his ass and do some work.
Maybe this was something they should talk about. While Scott loved spending time around the other male, this was getting out of hand. Aaron had put in so much time to help aid Scott back to health - even though it was proven he was perfectly fine.
A deep sigh let loose and he blinked around. They had shared plenty of
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 20 4
Little Captive | Two
Her mouth was dry. There had been little movement including the pocket she was currently trapped within. All she could really pinpoint was that there was the pulling of the top before it settled once more. She knew that meant it ad either been buttoned shut, or just messed with.
Talia didn't know what she was supposed to do in an instance like this. Being passed from one human to the next... her father had never given her any training for something like that. She was on her own.
The warm darkness was constantly shifting around her, the steady rise and fall of the huge, impossible chest behind her pressing into her back and then releasing in a steady rhythm. The sound of a heart around her size or probably bigger kept it's constant easy thrumming. The bottom of the pocket was comfy and soft, but everything about this was sending red flags up in her head. Warning bells going off.
Sure, was she supposed to be happy that she'd been taken from the grasp of a human child and taken into the h
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 32 18
Startling Introductions
"Hey, hey," the voice came rumbling from above, soft and smooth, and Scott didn't know what to do as he cowered up against a tree that he'd backed himself into. "You don't have to be scared."
The young man shook his head, his heart pounding in his throat as the huge face lowered down. Hands insanely bigger than he was tall pressing into the wet morning ground. His knees were shaking, eyes wide and fearful.
"I don't want to hurt you. I just wanted to get a better look," the voice continued and soon, huge blue eyes were peering down at him. Scott could see himself in the reflection of those great blue hues and he swallowed thickly. Surprise lingered in the gaze for a moment, before softening. "You're so tiny.."
He felt like he was going to pass out. Closing his eyes, he tried to reconsider how he was going to get out of this whole mess. He could try running. But that might not get him very far. If he all but collapsed, that would mean instant physical contact with the giant in front of h
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 44 18
Little Captive
The night had gone from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.
The girl knew that going out when people occupied the room was dangerous, and all the advice from her father rang inside her head like warning bells. Telling her to turn the other way and leave this stupid idea behind.
Her father had gone to bed, and Talia had snuck out.
Starving a couple nights in a row wasn't uncommon for the tiny family, and she knew that, and she'd had enough of it. The rooms in Moonlight All Night, were usually left fairly messy, that gave her enough of a chance to get in and out without being seen or noticed, but from her current leverage point under the TV stand, she could see the huge pairs of socked feet from a young mother and father, trying to get their squirmy daughter into bed.
Talia huffed, ducking a little further into the shadows, easily avoiding any eyesight of the three humans in the room.
Huge, giant beings that stomped around everywhere they went. Unknowing and uncaring for her own
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 44 43
Certain Requirements [ 2 ]
It hadn't been long before the two humans were split up, and she was instead by herself. Sitting completely in an open palm with nothing but her jacket and her backpack. Huge fingers curled up around her like a safety railing.
They were silent with each other for now, and it was making her uncomfortable.
Being able to feel the pulse beneath her hands was putting her on the edge, as those veins were connected to an even larger heart probably the same size she was. And with the tendons and muscles flexing under her fingertips putting her even more on edge. Going from never seeing a giant before, to being held by one all in the same day was a bit much. And doing too much to already fraying her nerves.
She wasn't scared of giants, but knowing that a being could accidently kill you without even realizing it, was a little bit unnerving. She tried to relax, really, she did, but even tough girl Tatiana had a few hidden fears of her own.
It took only mere minutes for the man to clear the
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 19 7
Artificial Flight | 7 |
Ashwin was pissed.
Completely. Utterly.
He swore loudly as the man tried to pull himself out from he ventilation system. His mood had gone from semi-okay to the worst possible feeling he could get at from deep within him. The anger he currently had for those large moth wings currently on his back, were just making this whole thing impossible. He was trying to sneak through the vent grates, but his wings had gotten him caught halfway inside, and halfway out.
A sharp snarl was on his lips, everything had gone wrong so fast. He'd seen that human.. the one that had the amulet Sam had given him. He'd seen the brother. And from the size of Sam, when he was ten at least, Ashwin had greatly underestimated this human.
Dean was much bigger than he'd anticipated.
This wasn't going to end well for him, especially if the human caught sight of him when he was at his weakest. Ashwin wanted the guy's attention, but being utterly helpless wasn't the position he wanted to be in when it hap
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 7 10
Certain Requirements [ 1 ]
"Tatiana Caelia Winters."
The voice was loud, clear and the girl who owned said name flinched physically. A quick look around the room and no one else made to stand.
Which meant she was certainly in the spotlight now. But the icy chill that shot up her spine couldn't be deterred.
Everyone was dressed so elegantly, so professional and here Tatiana stood in her red sneakers and her grey College hoodie. Hastily, she pulled up her dirty blonde hair, at least trying to look the somewhat presentable. Large blue eyes scanning the crowds of people, all locked onto her as she stood from her leather seat.
The silence was boring into her and she heaved her black backpack up onto her shoulders, adjusting the straps before stepping out into the isle where the sea of people parted.
Focusing down on her shoes, she tried not to focus on all the accusing and serious looks from her onlookers. This all just made her seriously uncomfortable. Her heart hammering against her ribcage as she moved like a ghos
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 20 14
Artificial Flight | 6 |
Lia brushed her hand over the sanded table in her work space, the apron sitting over her head as she adjusted her goggles off her face. Planting her hands against her waist, she looked down towards her creation. She had finally tweaked and turned enough and her flight suit was finally ready! After years of dedicated work to making sure the proportions were right, and that everything was tight enough.
That and she had made a couple test runs. She'd ended up in the water a few inches below, as Lia knew that throwing herself from the top of a tree and hoping for the best wouldn't get her too far in life.
She girl had her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, blue hair brushing her bare shoulders as she moved. Her bangs hung down in front of her eyes and she stood back once more, just eyeing up her creation in all it's glory.
It was resting on a stand she'd created from twigs and sticks, easily mimicking that of a person her own size. Walking over to it, she brushed by the desk an
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 4 8
Artificial Flight | 5 |
Ashwin seemed to be take a safer approach as they gathered around the table. Lia reached up into her pantry as the small conversation went over her head, trying to figure out what would be a healthy breakfast, or at least help Sam regain any lost strength that the kid would probably need. She still wasn't sure how long he'd be out of it, and Ashwin didn't seem to have a clear grasp on that either.
Shaking if off, her blue hair shimmied a little as the woman stretched up onto her tiptoes. If anything, she should've developed something a little more to her height, but at least with the higher shelves, more space was opened up.
Settling on a raspberry and a nut or two, she finally brought the red fruit down in front of herself and reaching around a couple more scattered papers, which she brushed off to the side, grabbed a little knife that would just be enough to cut through the berry itself. She could crack the nuts open and then use the shells for.. whatever she needed.
Cutting through
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 5 2


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Jacob in Wonderland 10 :iconnightmares06:nightmares06 7 34
Quick Snack =) by MartyZ-Art
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Quick Snack =) :iconmartyz-art:MartyZ-Art 315 14
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How to make a Hetalia OC for dummies - pt.1
How to make a Hetalia OC for dummies PART 1
Hello everyone!
I have been a Hetalia fan for a looong time, and since then I came across a big amount of, to be honest, really bad OCs of people who seem to forget that real countries are involved in their beloved series ; and making an OC to it is like walking in a minefield - you have to be very, very careful, because otherwise it goes BOOM. You know what I mean, people can be easily offended by your OC, so careful is the keyword.
That's why I want to help you out a bit, even if I'm not perfect myself and we all make our mistakes sometimes. Let's just start now.
Have fun while reading this and making your gorgeous OC (:
The country
As Hetalia has to do with personified countries, you also have to choose one. There are over 100 nations Himaruya hasn't even thought of turning them into a character yet, so there are lots of countries to choose from. Take a look at a world map, you will see lots of awesomesauce c
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Hetalia Drinking Game: Allies
America Drinking Game
Take a drink every time:
1. Use of "I'M THE HERO!"
2. A hamburger is mentioned/he is eating one
3. Florida is mentioned
4. He is paired with England (bonus if there's FrUk fans bitching in the comments)
5. He is paired with Japan
6. He is paired with Belarus
7. He is paired with Russia
8. Texas/Nantucket are mentioned
9. Someone gives him hell about the Revolutionary War
10. McDonald's is mentioned (Bonus points if it's fanart including Ronald McDonald)
11. Wild West America is depicted as younger than Revolutionary War America
12. Any of his character songs are mentioned
13. Someone calls him fat
14. Someone calls him stupid (Bonus points if it's England screaming "BAKA!")
15. He forgets Canada (wait, who?)
16. Fanart shows him with an eagle
17. His famous laugh is mentioned
18. An America AMV has a country song (bonus points if it's by Carrie Underwood)
19. An America AMV uses American Idiot (Green Day)
20. An America AMV uses Hero (Skillet)
21. An Americ
:iconhetaliafreak345:HetaliaFreak345 851 355
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Welcome to my page! Kick back, relax, and if you like writing, why not check out my gallery!

The name's Kathryn, let's kick this right off. I go by a few different nicknames. Awarded to me by friends and family. Feel free to join in on that. A few of which are; Kit Kat, Kitty, Kat, Short Stack, Shorty, Wee Little One, Moichichi.

I'm a Tim Hortons' drinking, hockey loving, short little Canadian from New West Minster, British Colombia. Winter is not my favourite season, and I don't really live in an igloo or ride a dog-sled to school either. Summer is where my birthday lands, and I prefer being warm to being cold. But too much heat and it's a big no thank you

On my page, you'll find stories. I don't draw too much, so it's unlikely to find any in my gallery.

As my username suggests, I have a love and passion for GT. Writing, artwork, even coming across it in TV shows or movies. What kind of GT will you find in my gallery? Well friend, I tend to stay to the lighter side of writing. But I do tend to get into some angsty stuff. But who doesn't love reading tense situations in first meetings, or first interactions? My favourite part in what I do? I love writing firsts! First meeting, first interactions, first time being handheld (whether willingly or unwillingly).

If you want to get a hold of me at any time, leave a note, a message or you can even hit me up on discord by adding me: sleepystencil#5881

So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what you find! God bless you :heart:


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64 deviations
Why hello. Guess who's back with another one of these? I have a few characters in mind for this anyways.

Scott - Various Short Stories
Aaron - Various Short Stories
Nicholas - Accidents and Second Chances
Anna - Accidents and Second Chances
Talia - Little Captive
Tatiana - Certain Requirements
Julian - Certain Requirements
Mackenzie - Certain Requirements
Scarlett - Break a Leg (more to come)
Jonathan - Break a Leg (more to come)
Dain - Warmth (more to come)
Marilyn - Warmth (more to come)

Quite a few more than I intended, but feel free to ask any of them a question you might have been desiring to know about them c:

Cheers :heart:
Why hello. Guess who's back with another one of these? I have a few characters in mind for this anyways.

Scott - Various Short Stories
Aaron - Various Short Stories
Nicholas - Accidents and Second Chances
Anna - Accidents and Second Chances
Talia - Little Captive
Tatiana - Certain Requirements
Julian - Certain Requirements
Mackenzie - Certain Requirements
Scarlett - Break a Leg (more to come)
Jonathan - Break a Leg (more to come)
Dain - Warmth (more to come)
Marilyn - Warmth (more to come)

Quite a few more than I intended, but feel free to ask any of them a question you might have been desiring to know about them c:

Cheers :heart:


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