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Certain Requirements [ 2 ]
It hadn't been long before the two humans were split up, and she was instead by herself. Sitting completely in an open palm with nothing but her jacket and her backpack. Huge fingers curled up around her like a safety railing.
They were silent with each other for now, and it was making her uncomfortable.
Being able to feel the pulse beneath her hands was putting her on the edge, as those veins were connected to an even larger heart probably the same size she was. And with the tendons and muscles flexing under her fingertips putting her even more on edge. Going from never seeing a giant before, to being held by one all in the same day was a bit much. And doing too much to already fraying her nerves.
She wasn't scared of giants, but knowing that a being could accidently kill you without even realizing it, was a little bit unnerving. She tried to relax, really, she did, but even tough girl Tatiana had a few hidden fears of her own.
It took only mere minutes for the man to clear the
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 15 5
Artificial Flight | 7 |
Ashwin was pissed.
Completely. Utterly.
He swore loudly as the man tried to pull himself out from he ventilation system. His mood had gone from semi-okay to the worst possible feeling he could get at from deep within him. The anger he currently had for those large moth wings currently on his back, were just making this whole thing impossible. He was trying to sneak through the vent grates, but his wings had gotten him caught halfway inside, and halfway out.
A sharp snarl was on his lips, everything had gone wrong so fast. He'd seen that human.. the one that had the amulet Sam had given him. He'd seen the brother. And from the size of Sam, when he was ten at least, Ashwin had greatly underestimated this human.
Dean was much bigger than he'd anticipated.
This wasn't going to end well for him, especially if the human caught sight of him when he was at his weakest. Ashwin wanted the guy's attention, but being utterly helpless wasn't the position he wanted to be in when it hap
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 6 8
Certain Requirements [ 1 ]
"Tatiana Caelia Winters."
The voice was loud, clear and the girl who owned said name flinched physically. A quick look around the room and no one else made to stand.
Which meant she was certainly in the spotlight now. But the icy chill that shot up her spine couldn't be deterred.
Everyone was dressed so elegantly, so professional and here Tatiana stood in her red sneakers and her grey College hoodie. Hastily, she pulled up her dirty blonde hair, at least trying to look the somewhat presentable. Large blue eyes scanning the crowds of people, all locked onto her as she stood from her leather seat.
The silence was boring into her and she heaved her black backpack up onto her shoulders, adjusting the straps before stepping out into the isle where the sea of people parted.
Focusing down on her shoes, she tried not to focus on all the accusing and serious looks from her onlookers. This all just made her seriously uncomfortable. Her heart hammering against her ribcage as she moved like a ghos
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 15 12
Artificial Flight | 6 |
Lia brushed her hand over the sanded table in her work space, the apron sitting over her head as she adjusted her goggles off her face. Planting her hands against her waist, she looked down towards her creation. She had finally tweaked and turned enough and her flight suit was finally ready! After years of dedicated work to making sure the proportions were right, and that everything was tight enough.
That and she had made a couple test runs. She'd ended up in the water a few inches below, as Lia knew that throwing herself from the top of a tree and hoping for the best wouldn't get her too far in life.
She girl had her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, blue hair brushing her bare shoulders as she moved. Her bangs hung down in front of her eyes and she stood back once more, just eyeing up her creation in all it's glory.
It was resting on a stand she'd created from twigs and sticks, easily mimicking that of a person her own size. Walking over to it, she brushed by the desk an
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 3 8
Artificial Flight | 5 |
Ashwin seemed to be take a safer approach as they gathered around the table. Lia reached up into her pantry as the small conversation went over her head, trying to figure out what would be a healthy breakfast, or at least help Sam regain any lost strength that the kid would probably need. She still wasn't sure how long he'd be out of it, and Ashwin didn't seem to have a clear grasp on that either.
Shaking if off, her blue hair shimmied a little as the woman stretched up onto her tiptoes. If anything, she should've developed something a little more to her height, but at least with the higher shelves, more space was opened up.
Settling on a raspberry and a nut or two, she finally brought the red fruit down in front of herself and reaching around a couple more scattered papers, which she brushed off to the side, grabbed a little knife that would just be enough to cut through the berry itself. She could crack the nuts open and then use the shells for.. whatever she needed.
Cutting through
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 4 2
Predator and Prey
"Danessa? Where'd you go?"
The rumbling voice reverberated through her as the tiny woman scrambled across the floor, she was nearly in a fit of giggles. Clasping a hand over her mouth, her eyes focused on the desk where his monitor was. A mess of wires was underneath, and that would make an easier hiding place for her.
The shaking of his footsteps were getting closer and she knew he was nearing his recording room. At least now she had a little bit more time.
"C'mon, you know I don't like it when you're on the floor without me knowing," Mark griped, peeking into another room, hand wrapped around the doorframe before swinging himself back out. "It freaks me out."
She wasn't going to say anything, and before long, she ducked under one of the lower sides, holding drawers full of.. she wasn't sure exactly.
It was darker under there than she had anticipated and she stumbled over a wire or two, before finally finding herself pressing her hands against the cool back wall. Now she just needed t
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 27 12
Artificial Flight | 4 |
The peaceful morning air was ruined promptly by the loud banging against the front door.
Lia sat straight up, pale blue hair fluffing out in front of her face as she tried to right herself. Night clothing all scrunched up and revealing her stomach as she looked towards her closed bedroom door. Confusion was written clean across her face before slowly recalling all of what happened last night.
Shaking her head, the woman flung herself from her bed and wrapped her fingers around the doorknob, yanking it open before letting her eyes search around. She could hear Ashwin shuffling in the kitchen and she padded down the hallway swiftly.
Trying to rub the sleep from her eyes and walk in a straight line somehow wasn't working out for her. "Coming!" She called to the person at the door.
The knocking continued anyways.
Ashwin looked up to her from his spot at the table currently, fully dressed and he seemed to be wide awake by now. Blinking to him blearily, the girl shook her hair from he
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 4 8
Artificial Flight | 3 |
As the night drew a little longer on, everything seemed to sort of slow down once more. It was nice, finally being able to know that the boy - Sam - was alright. He still wasn't exactly willing to share what he remembered and that was fair.
When Markus and Thea had taken her in, Lia wasn't the most talkative child out there. If anything, the girl had been the polar opposite. Keeping her mouth completely shut. She always gave a soft little nod, or a grunt to show that she heard and understood what they wanted from her. It wasn't until a few weeks later that she actually spoke. And it was shy as it was.
Asking timidly for a glass of water.
The memory made her grin softly as she leaned against the doorway, just peering into the little room Sam was occupying. It was cozy and comfortable. Soft pillows, blankets made of cottonwood leaves. She'd hollowed out an old piece of wood to form the perfect spare bed, with walls lining around it to keep whoever was sleeping inside from tumbling out in
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 5 9
Lia | Artificial Flight :icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 4 2
Artificial Flight | 2 |
She was dumbfounded, her lips were at an absolute loss for words. What could she say?
This man had probably flown for miles, looking for her. She'd never seen him before, and yet, how did he know who she was? Had someone in the village around her mentioned something before?
Lia's eyes blinked to the little boy he was holding carefully against him.
The girl fumbled for some words, trying to force her mind to come up with something to say. Anything would be welcomed at the moment. At least to reassure herself that this guy at least knew something about the unconscious state of the kid.
"W-what?" She inched closer, hands silently reaching out, before retracting back to her sides, gently clenched into fists. Her eyes barely left the small form, with fluffy brown hair covering his face. "What happened?"
The man shrugged, shifting the boy in his arms so his head was rested against his shoulder. "If I knew, you would've been the first person I'd tell." The sincerity in the male's salmo
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 7 7
Artificial Flight | 1 |
Lia was an intricate, delicate craftswoman that could easily put others to shame. Creating things that constantly made the people gape or gasp or grovel at. Like the flight suit she wanted to take for a test run, or even the goggles she'd made herself to help see in the dark, using special glowing gems that were found in unusual openings.
She was extremely talented, someone that most others would look up to, she took great pride in that fact. With all that handiwork, she was easily one of the most popular in the little village, the one tucked away into an underbrush of plants and leaves, hidden away so no one could find them.
Completely safe.
She relaxed into a wooden chair in the corner of her shop, sweat beaded her brows as she raised a glove, that was a little too big for her hands she'd admit - and a reason why she usually worked gloveless - to wipe at the perspiration.
She brushed her escaped bangs away from her eyes, tucking the pale teal strands behind a pierced ear. Soft crimso
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 16 12
Truths and Rumors
Another day, another adventure to be. That's what was currently going through Kye's head like an army mantra. The broad smile that crossed his face was enough to show his two best friends that something was raging on inside that head of his.
There had been a rumour of a giant taking refuge just outside their city. No one actually had the guts to go see  if that was true; no one wanted to run into a man-eating being.
Especially one that engulfed them completely in the shadow of a hand. Kye didn't care about any of those risks, such a silly thing to be scared of. Great things could come of exploring, especially if there was a giant around.
He'd actually been packing since that morning. Up early, grabbed a backpack and had been shoving clothes and food into it. You never knew how long these things would take! The smile on his lips grew wider at the thought of actually finding something. That made his excitement kick up a notch.
Samantha had been standing at the door of his room, arms
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 5 2
Broken Hallelujah
Life had been tough.
Two months pregnant with her third child, Alexia had been hovering over the table in their little makeshift home. Her and Ben had called this stone under the floor home for years, bringing their precious boys in to watch over them. Protect them with everything they had.
Ben had always been so strong. She adored him for it. She adored him for everything he did.
Christian and Caleb were in bed by now, and he usually walked through the door, carrying whatever he could find in the satchel she had made for him. It was her third anniversary gift to him.
He never left home without it.
Her head dropped into her hands, as her heart pounded in her chest. He was never late to get home. Never.
She had to focus on the good thoughts.
Rubbing her forehead, eyes closed silently, she sighed out. Ben's warm smile filled the darkness and she felt a pull at her heart strings. He was going to fine. Nothing was wrong.
"You really think this colour suits the house?" His teasing vo
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 10 11
Lifeline | 2 |
It had been hours later.
A frown was etched into her face, painting her lips as she kept curled up in the corner of her box. Josephine had heard the screaming of the sirens after the Manager had walked in onto the dark, bloody scene before him. She just wanted to sleep. She just wanted to cry, to vomit, to do anything but sit around and feel sorry for herself. But she sat in the silence, listening to the officers asking around. Searching through everything.
They'd found the heart, but it had long stopped beating by that time. She didn't remember anything more than what had happened before her. The man's face was blurry in her mind as she stayed quietly. People knew she was here, of course they did. Hiding away into little box, she had her thin blanket pulled up to her chest as she sniffled.
Odessa's body had been escorted out, but the blood hadn't been swiped clean of the crimson yet, and everything smelt so stale from where she sat. Arms tightly grasping into her knit sweater and her
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 12 11
Lifeline | 1 |
It was cold.
Josephine pulled the poorly-knit, white, wool shawl closer around her shoulders as she huddled in the corner of the glass aquarium. Her fingers dug into the coarse fabric as she stayed quiet. Sitting on the stiff wooden chips, she ran her bare feet against the somewhat sanded exterior.
It was always cold.
Soft grassy, green eyes blinking wearily towards the figure laying unconscious a few paces away from the young girl. The form breathing steadily as she drew in each breath, before releasing it silently into the chilly air around them. A gentle smile alighted her lips as she soon stifled a yawn behind her hand. Shoulders slowly drooping forwards, her eyes began to slowly slide closed. The peaceful feeling of sleep wrapping it's arms around her form as she began to let it lull her off into the dreamless sleep awaiting her.
She snapped them back open.
Shaking off the temporary feeling of release, she sighed slowly through her nose. She needed to stay awake, just a little lon
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 15 22
Gaming Surprises
So Jack had said that this '3D Island Simulator' game was rather intense, and sure, he might've been willing to play it, but even Jack still knew little to nothing about it and that made him rather skeptical about the whole thing. But then again, Mark was always up for a little bit of an adventure.
So, here he was, staring down at the game case in his hands. It seemed legit, but he could never be truly sure what he was getting into. It seemed innocent enough, so, guess it was time to find out.
Cracking it out, he opened the disk compartment to his laptop that connected to the monitor and the game started loading, although, instead of the opening screen on his computer, a light shot overhead from his camera and into the open space where he always filmed the vive games. Furrowing his brows, he pushed himself from his chair and he stepped up to this portal. Colours swirling inside as stood in plain confusion.
What was this thing, and why was it in his house? He should've known something w
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For a little bit about my life, I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but my family and I moved when I was about five, to New Westminster, British Columbia. And that's were I currently reside with my boyfriend.

All of the stories that will be posted here on my page will be original pieces of work, mainly G/T. Clean G/T. And I will NOT stand for fetishes or anything such. For anyone who isn't sure what G/T is, it stands for Giant/Tiny. Which is basically interaction between people vast size differences (Examples; Gulliver's Travels, The Borrowers, Fairies, etc.)

As well, I love to roleplay. Wanna start one up? Send me a note and we can discuss something from there. I personally enjoy G/T rps the most, but if you have a different idea, tell me. I'm open to new ideas and I'd love to start something with you!

An open mind, leads to an open heart. I am a child of God and proud to say it.

God bless your golden heart.


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I've been having a little bit of a problem lately. In Aritifical Flight I don't exactly want to have Sam call Lia 'mom' because that's not what she is to him. Sure, adopted or so, but I'm looking for a more interesting name instead of just 'mother'.

Any ideas?
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